Instagram Disappear-Testing Self-Destructing Texts Feature Like Snapchat

instagram disappear

The popular social media platform Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature associated with instant messaging on Instagram. Soon, users will be able to send messages that last a little longer on Instagram like Snapchat. This feature of the Instagram disappear messaging feature clears the chatbox every time the user exits the chat. Jane Manchun Wong, the app researcher discovered a new feature hidden in the Android app code. TechRunge's report confirmed that the feature will go live in the future, including a Facebook spokesperson's statement.

Wong's tweet explained the new feature and demonstrated how it works. In response to the tweet, we are always exploring new features to improve your messaging experience. Instagram said the feature is still in early development and has not yet been tasted. Wong discovered that if the new feature is being developed then Instagram Direct Message opens, a Dark Mode may be found in the messaging window. As mentioned earlier, the chat window is cleared after the user exits the chat, then conversations make it impossible to read them again. Facebook's proprietary social media platform Instagram has been experimenting with the disappearing messages feature for a long time.

instagram disappear

Almost two years ago, Instagram released a feature that allows users to control how a recipient can view a photo or video from an Instagram direct camera. The new feature lets the person who receives the message decide whether they want to see the message once, view it for a while, or see it permanently in the chatbox. From its look, the new Instagram Disappear Message feature will first be available on Android. Reports say that it will be later on in iOS.

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