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Instagram Dark Mode is being Tested on Android 10 Beta

Facebook-owned photo and video sharing platform Instagram rolled out a new dark mode feature for Android and iOS devices. Today, the Dark theme is much popular in Android and iOS devices since the past few months. Google has added dark themes on few of its apps and third-party apps are on the delay side of adding dark mode for their apps.

Instagram, dark mode is connected to all parts of the app’s UI elements. Although the black backdrop doesn't really save battery life other than the dark gray portions. The good thing about this feature is that users can scroll down at night to see stories without much eyestrain. It has good between black and makes the content is much easier to see without change any content on the Instagram app. It doesn't affect the picture quality and the images are still bright and white parts on the images are still white.

If you want to enable or test dark mode on your phone, you need to update to its latest version and enable the built-in dark mode because it currently follows the system-wide toggle. This is possible for devices running Android 10 or Samsung Galaxy phones running on One UI or Xiaomi MIUI 10. If you don't have MIUI 10 or Android 10, you have to wait for an Instagram update for a toggle in the settings to enable Instagram dark mode.

The dark mode feature is now quite popular, so we can expect a lot of android app developers adding these features in their apps. Facebook has already added dark mode on its Messenger and is officially testing on its own as well as WhatsApp.

Greg David

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