Important gadgets for 2020

2020 has come up with some useful gadgets that can help you carry out several tasks easily by fighting the pandemic. Let us see some of them.

Cliu Mask

CLIU is the special mask, created during the lockdown by a group of Italian-Spanish designers. Studies says 20,000 kg of plastic through the Arno River in Tuscany reaches the sea every year. Selling of 20,000 CLIU, can save these plastic.

Their dedicated work now lets you free to

  • breathe deeply
  • communicate clearly
  • show your special smile
  • express yourself
  • fascinate people around you.

The mask assess air quality, the wearer's heartbeat and breathing, self-disinfecting and with a transparent screen so the face can still be seen has been created by a Spanish designer.

The 'Cliu' is safe, reusable and disinfects itself, says its creator, Álvaro González.


Here is another gadget to help you fight social distancing and corona. This is a hook like portable device,, that help you to purchase, pull-push doors and carry out other tasks easier. In other words it is defined as an antimicrobial multipurpose hand gadget. The Corohook is a vital design that assists prevent the spread of viral diseases and makes it easier and more convenient for you to make your daily chores. Using it can ensure a high level of hygiene is maintained, which is all we can do not just for ourselves but also for others.


Looking for greater agility and speed in 2020? For years, sports stars have used reaction training lights, and they are now available in consumer form thanks to BlazePod, a clever "flash reflex training" device that includes tapping touch-sensitive pods with your hands, knees, or feet during your workout. The pods flash up in a variety of colours, offering visual cues for drills and exercises that can help strengthen your reaction time, agility , balance, power, and more.

They link to a companion device through Bluetooth that provides a range of activities for individual and team sports, home workouts, and group and partner competitions. Also, the software monitors your progress and lets you plan personalized activities, including cognitive and recovery workouts. BlazePod is not cheap, it is starting at $279 but it's a great program for both beginners and professionals alike.

Having these gadgets for 2020, can help you improve your immunity and stay away from risks during this pandemic.

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