Immutouch Wristband Vibrates if you try to touch your face

Immutouch Wristband

It took the coronavirus outbreak to warn us that we touch our faces way too many times. It could make the virus travel to human parts and other objects that will get you and communities sick. Slightly Robot, a startup company developed the Immutouch Wristband to prevent touching and another harmful disease - trichotillomania, that forces people to pull out their hair.

Last week Slightly Robot redesigned their wearable gadget as the Immutouch, that vibrates if the person wearing it tries to touch his face. It has an inbuilt accelerometer sensor that can track your hand movement 10 times per second. The band can be calibrated and can be paired with your smartphone, and will warn you when you hand comes close to touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. The app will help you to track your progress in keeping your hand away from your face.

immutouch wristband

Matthew Toles, Slightly Robot co-founder said, "A problem the size of COVID-19 requires everyone to do their part, large or small. The three of us happened to be uniquely well equipped to tackle this one task and felt it was our duty to at least try.”

Justin Ith, co-founder of Slightly Robot told, “We’re not looking to make money on this. We are selling each unit nearly at cost, accounting for the cost of materials, fabrication, assembly, and handling. We built Immutouch  wristband because we knew we could do it quickly, therefore we had the obligation to. We all live in Seattle and we see our communities reacting to this outbreak with deep concern and fear. My father has an autoimmune disease that requires him to take immunosuppressant medication. Being in his late 60’s with a compromised immune system, I’m trying my best to keep the communities around him and my family clean and safe".

immutouch wristband

Set Up Immutouch for Wearables-

  1. Put the Band on & Download App.
  2. Bring Hand to Face to Calibrate.
  3. Band Vibrates to Indicate Calibration.
  4. Stay Alert and Healthy

The Immutouch app is available for iOS and Android and the wristbands priced $49.99.

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