If you are an Amazon user, protect your privacy making these 5 changes

The Amazon craze shows no signs of reduction. Data collection is a crucial aspect of the earnings of Big Tech firms. If you know what settings to alter, you will reclaim your privacy. When you are using Google Chrome, you might be in an unaware trial of Google's latest tracking tool. Even Amazon is monitoring you in ways you might not be conscious of, but by taking these measures, you can reclaim your privacy.

  • Delete your Amazon history

You'll find a lot of stuff you've looked at before on Amazon.com, as well as products that are strikingly similar. It's not a fortunate occurrence. The things you look at on Amazon are saved in a comprehensive history. By clearing your search history from the account, you can block those recommendations.

This not only prevents Amazon from monitoring your activities, but it also protects your privacy. It can also keep the surfing activity hidden from other device users. That's a fantastic way to keep gifts a secret.

Account & Lists- View- remove the history

Choose Settings > Alexa Privacy > Manage Your Alexa Data.

  • Remove your recordings from Alexa's memory.

Consider everything you've ever said to your Alexa voice assistant. Before you erase it, take a walk down memory lane.

Tap on More> Settings > Alexa Privacy > Review Voice History> Voice Recordings, tap Choose how long to save recordings> Don’t save recordings – this will help you to stop recording.

You may also allow voice removal here. "Alexa, delete what I said," you might say, or "Delete all the words I said today, Alexa."

  • Hide the past of your order or only some orders

You've ordered a lot over the years if you're anything. There is no way to permanently remove your order history, but you can store and disguise orders.

Returns & Orders> Archive order> Accounts & Lists>

  • Stop Amazon Sidewalk from sharing your Wi-Fi connection

Sidewalk is basically a mesh network that extends the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity range by up to a mile. It transforms your Echo speakers and some Ring gadgets to bridge devices to give internet-connected tech a boost.

Amazon says the network on Sidewalk uses three encryption layers and your neighbours won't see your information. For vulnerable computers and no updates, the Internet of Things is infamous.

More> Settings> Account Settings> Amazon Sidewalk> Turn off Amazon Sidewalk

  • Control who can see and hear you using an Echo Show

It is one of the best aspects of the Echo, but the speaker or monitor goes in both directions.

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