IBM powers US Open with the best digital experiences by Watson's NLP

The fans of the US open were disappointed about missing the match of 2020. Due to Corona, the match is taking place without fans. IBM, a longtime US Tennis Association (USTA) partner, usually uses the US Open to showcase its technologies. IBM may have a bigger stage this year, given that all experiences will be digital once the tournament begins Aug. 31.

That is why IBM tries to utilize the advantages of Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, they hope it will bring out the experience and even the noise of the stadium. IBM is expecting Watson can bring fresh digital fan experiences to the US Open with NLP and artificial intelligence.

Big Blue and USTA use NLP, and Watson pulls from multi-cloud datasets to create new digital experiences on US Open and the US Open application. The experience has made by the digital design agency, IBM iX.

The USTA is also launching VIP Experiences with Zoom Video Communications for hosting events, tutorials, and interviews.

These US Open experiences include:

  • Open Questions with Watson Discovery, which enables discussions among US Open fans. Questions revolve around the most influential tennis players and debates fueled by structured and unstructured data.
  • Match observations with Watson Discovery, that uses AI insights ahead of matches. Watson Discovery scans and understands journals, viewpoints, and statistics from previous matches by NLP, and provides information in narrative form.
  • AI Sounds, which will recreate the noise of fans in the stadium by analyzing hundreds of hours of video footage from last year's US Open. Public responses will adjust according to games and circumstances.

The hybrid cloud and Red Hat OpenShift are using by the US Open infrastructure to link data sets, feeds, and remote operations. Let us see whether it will turn out to be the best digital experience in the history of US Open or not. 


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