Huawei Search Engine - Testing Its Own Search App for Its Smartphones

huawei search engine

Chinese multinational technology company Huawei, which has denied all of Google's services, launching its search engine for Google-free phones. Huawei users in the UAE have the opportunity to use the new search engine.

With Google disabling services, Huawei found alternatives to each of its services. While there are other good alternatives to the most used search engine. Huawei Introduces its search engine as part of the company's control and control over the search engine.

huawei search engine

After the testing phase, the new search engine is likely to be part of the Huawei user interface. Huawei's struggle to get back into the market is getting harder with each passing day, this is because the company is forced to develop its operating system, app store, and other services. Huawei license to use Google's services was lifted because it was blacklisted in the US.

Huawei UAE users are invited to try out their new searching app. The search engine is still being developed. Huawei mobile services will be equipped with a full range of services, including an app store and basic services such as navigation. Huawei's Search Engine is also in the process of replacing Google services.

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