How Do Smart Glass Bifold Doors Work?

Bifold doors are very popular in recent home renovations. Importantly, they provide a spacious seamless gateway between the interior and exterior. Unlike conventional sliding patio doors, bifold doors open all the way through in a concertina style, allowing in much daylight and fresh air. Once opened, they fold neatly to the side, held together with magnetic knobs. Subsequently, it is an efficient way to have an open plan connection with your garden; especially favoured for entertaining guests. Bifold doors will have safe sliding or rolling mechanism of two to seven panels, depending on supplier specifications. They usually have a primary door for easy access without the need to slide all the remaining panels against the wall. Nowadays, bifold doors are available in various RAL colours and handle styles with a long-lasting quality finish to suit all kinds of interior aesthetics. 

Smart glass bifold doors work the same way but with smart glass panels installed within the bifold door framework. Smart glass panels require a low voltage power supply to function but will provide instant privacy at the touch of a button. Remote control comes supplied with your smart glass bifold doors installation as standard. Customers who prefer the use of a wall switch for this can arrange for it to be included. Others may even opt for smart controls such as Alexa, Crestron, Lutron or Control4 to integrate the switching function into their smart home system. When privacy is needed, turn the power off and your smart glass bifold doors will be frosted. When you want to let the daylight in and enjoy your garden view, simply turn the power on for your glass to go clear.

Bifold smart glass doors are a solution to avoid purchasing made-to-measure curtains or traditional blinds in order to protect your privacy. Measurements are taken during a site survey and the smart glass panels will be manufactured locally for a bespoke fit. Smart glass panels are made with smart film layer technology based on Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal, PDLC. The smart film layer within the smart glass panel turns clear when an electrical current passes through. In other words, the crystal molecules within the smart glass layers align, allowing light to penetrate your smart glass bifold door panel. When switched off, the crystal molecules scatter in its natural state, giving you a frosted panel for privacy.

 Due to the nature of smart film technology, they are not usually optically the same clarity expected on normal float glass. As such, approximately 8 to 10% of haze can be expected and is normal. Speak to a Priviglaze advisor about ambient lighting and how it reduces the haze factor. Smart glass panels installed for bifold doors are sealed units, toughened to British Kitemark standard. They are thermally efficient to keep the cold out and warmth in. In its frosted mode, 75% of light passes through smart glass bifold doors and you still get to enjoy natural daylight in the privacy of your space. Furthermore, smart glass/film products will block out 99% of UV rays.

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