Google SEO - Best Practices for News Coverage for Readers

Google SEO broadcasted a new guide for news publishers. This guide could help publishers to build data rich and engaging user experience.

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Article Structured Data -  Google recommends to add article structured data to APM pages that makes the content eligible to show up effectively in search results.

The Features included in this may be:

  • Top Stores Carousel
  • Host Carousel
  • Visual Story

Users can test and validate AMP article markup in the Rich Results Test tool. "Enter your page’s URL or a code snippet, and the Rich Result Test shows the AMP Articles that were found on the page (as well as other rich result types), and any errors or suggestions for your AMP Articles. You can also save the test history and share the test results." And also provide a publication date for users to see how up-to-date the content is.

Mark Up Live Streams - If you do a live stream video in an event, search results will be shown with a "LIVE" badge by marking your video with BroadcastEvent structured data. Google recommends using Indexing API for optimal crawling and indexing. "We strongly recommend that you use the Indexing API to ensure that your live-streaming video content gets crawled and indexed in a timely way. The Indexing API allows any site owner to directly notify Google when certain types of pages are added or removed. This allows Google to schedule pages for a fresh crawl, which can lead to more relevant user traffic as your content is updated.”

Update Google SEO AMP Cache - Each and every site can be refurbished by sending an update request to Google AMP cache. Pages changing with respect to a live news event are the ones benefitting from this.

Use News-Related AMP Page Components

  • <amp-live-list>: Include a live content on your article and update it based on a source document.
  • <amp-script>: Runs your own JavaScript in AMP pages and publish it on your desktop or non-AMP mobile pages, so you can bring over to AMP.

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