Google Search Result - New Feature that Makes Shopping Easier

google search result

Google search result section for users to make their shopping experience much easier and to find popular products. If you find a product in Google search such as "running shoe" or "down jacket", the company shows a new section in search results that shows popular products with shopping stores on the web. It will show you the products while you search for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

google search result

Users are now able to filter their products by style, department, and size. After filtering, Google will show you where you can purchase the product from where users can view the price structure and can also read reviews about products without leaving the search results. “To make this feature possible, Google indexes and organizes products from over a million online shops, and updates this information regularly. Just as we don’t charge sites to be part of the Google Search index, participating retailers appear in this new feature for free.”

The new feature will drive more organic traffic for merchants and the feature will help users browse more without leaving Google. The company is working on making user browsing experience more easy and in discovering new products based on preferences and we can expect similar updates from Google search result in the future.

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