Google Renews Image Search with Icons that Indicate the Content Type

google image product recipes

Google has officially updated their image search results pages with icons that indicate the type of content being searched for. If you search a product in Google image results, the group will be highlighted with special icons for products, recipes or videos. Google's Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan officially posted an example on Twitter based on Google search image results.

For expanding the image text or finding out the duration of the video thumbnail, you just have to mouse over the icons. The new update starts rolling out later in the week on Google search results for desktop. Google will automatically show about the image's attributes (dimensions) for products, recipes, and videos in image search results.

google image product recipes

Instead of finding a different way to show the dimensions of an image, Google is simply removing that function that operate through mouse clicks. Users can just click on the thumbnail of the image that appears in the larger preview by clicking with the mouse.

google image product recipes

Google is also working on a new feature that is currently in beta testing to display image licensing in search results. Last week, the news came from Google's office that they have officially started testing this function which extracts licensing information from structured data from web pages.

The company also offers to increase their licensable pictures with appropriate structured data for site owners. In search results, a small badge icon is placed and wrote as "licensable". Users can view where the image can be licensed from while the image has been opened.

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