Google Photos are changing from ‘high quality' to " storage saver"

Do you want to use Google Photos until its free unlimited storage expires on June 1st? If you're like me, you're already debating whether you can manage to put off the choice for a little longer — and today, Google has made that decision somewhat smoother.

First and foremost, Google is now saying us as it is: the company can no longer call its compressed, lower-resolution images and videos "High quality," which would have spared us a long clarification only the last week!

Unlimited "high-quality" images will be available to existing Google Pixel customers until 1 June. So that does not imply, whether you're on a Samsung or iPhone, there was ever a “Normal quality” that doesn't go towards the 15 GB cap

Google's normal-resolution photos, formerly known as "High quality," will be renamed "Storage saver" in the near future. You can upload at either the "Storage saver" or "Original quality" scales, all of which would use up the storage limit, but the "Original quality" will be taking more data.

What if, you already have Gmail and documents saved in a Google Drive, leaving only some space for photographs until you have to pay? To begin, keep in mind that any “High quality” images you took before June 1st will not count against your quota; additionally, Google has a new tool to help you find and erase blurry photos and big videos, which will help you free up far more room. It can be found in the app's "Manage room" area. It would even assist you in finding and deleting screenshots, but this has long been a function of Google Photos. Users that are approaching their storage limit will be notified by Google, and if you're logged into your account, you can get a storage estimate by clicking here.

Lets wrap it up for more clarity

  • All, even those who do not own a Pixel: Before June 1st, 2021, everything you submitted for free will not count against your 15GB limit.
  • Pixel 3A, Pixel 4, Pixel 4A, and Pixel 5: Pixel 3A, Pixel 4, Pixel 4A, and Pixel 5: You will continue to get endless access "Storage saver," called "High quality" images in the future, but not "Original quality" images.
  • Pixel 3:  If you upload images and videos prior January 1st, 2022, you'll get unlimited free "Original quality," after which you'll get unlimited "Storage saver."
  • Pixel 2: If you posted photos and videos before January 16th, 2021, you have got unrestricted free “Original quality” videos and pictures, and you get limitless “Storage saver” moving ahead.
  • Pixel (2016): Before your handset dies, you get unlimited free “Original quality” images and videos.

Well, these features will not be available on Google phones that is the current Pixels would be the last to get free unrestricted “High quality” uploads.

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