Google Opts ‘No Pay’ to French Publishers

According to the copyright directive of the European parliament, the authors and publishers can generate revenue from the big internet companies . But Google opts to pay not to the french publishers the expected copyright licensing fee. On the other hand, Google decided to limit the contents in the search result. According to the law, the authors can only derive licensing fees when more than links and a few words are shown by third party news aggregators. 

no pay- google

Richard Gingras, the Vice President of Google News, stated, “We don’t accept payment from anyone to be included in search results. We sell ads, not search results, and every ad on Google is marked. That’s also why we don’t pay publishers when people click on their links in a search result.” He added, “To operate in any other way would reduce the choice and relevance to our users—and would ultimately result in the loss of their trust in our services.”

Now, the publishers should decide whether to show their contents on Google or not. They can decide whether to stay by not asking for the licensing fee or leave if they need it. “When the French law comes into force, we will no longer display an overview of the content in France for European press publishers unless the publisher has made the arrangements to indicate that it is his wish. This will be the case for search results from all Google services.” google added.

This is not for the first time Google facing this situation. Before barely five years it happened in German and Spain. Google made the same decision in that time too. They stopped showing the article to avoid paying fees. Then, the publishers came back to Google. But we have to wait and see what is going to happen to the French publishers.

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