Google official "Site Kit" plugin for WordPress, is live!

Google rolled out a new Site Kit plugin for WordPress, version 1.0 to accelerate your content directly from the dashboard. Developers released Site Kit that has a simple functioning setup, fixed bugs and refined the main users flow.

WordPress users can manage data from Google products directly from the dashboard and view data from Google Search Console, Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, and AdSense. The new site plugin requires no additional code editing, so users can gear up outputs like Google Analytics without any developers' background.

Everyone can install a new tool, but Google underlines that it is developed and useful for professionals to manage client sites. Clients and other team members can access google products data directly from the dashboard by logging into WordPress dashboard. The company directly shows performance states and increase recommendations to clients. Site Kit can arrange roles and permission only for admissible clients to view the data.

Users can check the Site Kit dashboard to view the stats of pages directly from the admin bar. It could help find top-performing pages and discover the latest trends from Facebook and Twitter. If you are looking to get started with the new Site Kit, simply install it from the WordPress dashboard.

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