Google Messages gets Spam Protection and Verified Messaging Features

Google Messages is adding some security-focused features in its Android version.  It is mainly designed to help you clear out annoyances, and also to know that you are texting or chatting with an actual person. One of the features is spam detection. The working of this feature is when you receive verified messages from businesses or when you ask for help from inquiries, Google is going to identify it as spam if they suspect any foul play. To protect users, Google will soon verify texts from registered businesses.

google messages

When you receive a message from verified companies, you will be able to view the company name, logo and message variation symbol in the Google Messages app. Anyhow for spam detection, Google is rolling out real-time solution by giving warnings if a message hits your device from suspected spam or insecure device.  When google suspects a message as suspicious or finds it unsafe, it will automatically show a spam warning in the Messages app.

google messages

Again, this is all happening within the app, which is now supported by Rich Communications Services. Spam protection is broadly rolling out in the US, and in a gradual stage in India, U.K, France, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Philippines, India and Mexico.

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