Google Map Will Show If A Place is Wheelchair Accessible

google map

Google Map has introduced a new feature in its Maps service that will show, using the icon of a wheelchair, if it is an accessible place and allows internal mobility in a wheelchair. The clear signs will be displayed on wheelchair accessible shops, tourist spots, toilets and other facilities. There are countless people who need equipment such as ramps and automatic doors, such requires who people use strollers as well as those who have difficulty walking.

Google has been collecting accessibility information for the facility for years, but now the new feature bring the light of day. The company announced the feature on its official blog to coincide with Global Accessibility Awareness Day. To enable the feature, go to “Settings” in the Google Map app and turn “Accessible Places” in “Accessibility settings”.

google map

This will display a small wheelchair icon if the location you searched for or trapped is accessible. If you go to the detailed screen where the address and business hours appear, you can see the facilities that can be actually used. Unfortunately, the detailed locations with equipment are not shown, but just knowing that here is a wheelchair-accessible entrance and toilet is the first step.

This information isn’t generated automatically, it’s not pulled from the blueprints, and it’s from the user, just like regular Google. Any registered user can notify the presence of accessibility facilities, as well as information such as store pickup services. Go to “About” on the location explanation screen and press the “Describe this place” button at the bottom.

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