Google Map Adds a New Feature For Travelers

Google Map is being a compact of every thing, nowadays. All of us might have depended on map at least once. And there are also people like me who always look up to google map for every thing. Even to find out the nearest tea stall ( yeah, I’m just obsessed with it). Anyways, coming back to the topic, Google Map has added a new feature for travelers . Google Map has announced its new feature which let people to discover new places with help from Local Guides. The blog post even add that the feature is available for 9 cities of the world which includes- London, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Delhi, Osaka, and Mexico City.


What the blog says

The blog post included: "Across 24,000 cities and towns, we now have an active community of 120 million Local Guides on Google Maps who are passionate about sharing their experiences by contributing reviews, photos, lists and more. If you're in Bangalore, Melvin John is a Local Guide whose reviews and recommendations will guide you through the city's microbrewery scene. And if you've used Google Maps in Tokyo, Ayaka Ohkawa's popular photography has probably helped you explore the city's landmarks, cuisine and culture"

It added up: "By highlighting these Local Guides and their reviews, lists, and photos, we're exploring how we can make Google Maps a more helpful tool for discovering new places and experiences... So, if you live in one of the nine test cities, keep an eye on the For You tab of Google Maps. You just might discover something new with help from a friend in our community"

This is going to be very helpful to those who really want to explore these nine cities. Also we can make sure that these people will be genuine. They will not make you a fool by providing wrong information of the cities. Also we know approaching a wrong travel guide is highly dangerous. Here we can make use of this feature to make our self safe. Let us wait and watch how it will work and when it will add up more cities.


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