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Google Lens Helps You to Find “Style Ideas”

Have you ever thought about the matching items in your closet? Have you struggled to find the right match for any of your t-shirts or bottoms? Now it is easier. An updation has done by Google in the Google Lens. The Google Lens can now find the right match for any of your dresses. The feature “style ideas” launches  on the 4th of October in the US.


The Google Lens could figure out the similar items in the frame, search with the device camera, identify objects, translate the text you see, and so on. But now the lens, for the first time, could suggest the matching items for a piece of dress. The lens is now ready to use and can be accessed easily by tapping the camera icon in the Google app.

How to use

When you feel uncertainty about the style idea of any dress, simply go to the Google app and tap the camera icon in the search bar. Search the photograph of the dress. First, it will show the sellers of that dress and further scrolling will lead you to photographs of several people wearing that attire in different manners. At last, you decide your style.

Google explains the usage as: “So if you see a leopard print skirt you like on social media, take a screenshot and use Lens in Google Photos to see how other people have styled similar looks. See a winter coat that catches your eye in a store, but needs some inspiration on how to rock it? Just open Lens and point your camera.”

This is a very easy way to wear your favorite outfit perfectly without being a fashion mistake. ‘style ideas' can also help you to style your existing outfits. So, grab your old cloths which you put away thinking you don't have a matching pair for it, and give the Google Lens a chance to find a perfect match for it.

Kelly Irene

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