Google Images removed some filter options from its Image Search Results

google images filter option

Google Images are one of the most popular tools to find images from the web and now the company has quietly removed some of the filter options from the image search results such as "minimum size", "exact size", and " full color" options. There were no official statement or confirmation from Google about removing these filter options from the Image Search results.

People got to know about this only through a Reddit thread, where multiple people confirmed about this feature removal, or about no longer having access to these filters in the search options. Although, the removed filter options are still available in the "advanced search" section from the settings drop-down menu, but are not available or have been removed from the Main UI.

This new “change” has affected a lot of users who also expressed their disappointments, as they were the ones who used to use the image search results on a regular basis. The toolbar used to be placed on top of every image search result containing filters such as the size, color, usage rights, image type and even the time that indicated when the image was uploaded. These filter options were much easier for users to find better Google images.

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