Google Enables User Comment on Search Result

Fascinated yet perturbed? Well, the concept of Google + might have tainted but Google hasn’t yet given up on creating wonders in the social media arena.

Recently, Google proclaimed that they are initiating the efforts to launch a new and unique feature. The feature will allow the users to leave a comment on the search results, visible to all.

This feature bought in by Sundar Pichai led organization (Google) was announced in an official statement and it explained how the users can leave a comment on the search result. Though the feature has not yet been enabled, the world of internet is waiting to embrace this Google characteristic.

Google Enables User Comment on Search Result

The feature will enable the functioning of search and comment elements which are generally available on the various social media websites. You can also add instant comments to the various live sports game, thus, making you feel that you are a significant part of the event.

An official page created by Google states, “You can leave the comments on things that you have searched on Google in a smoother way”. The search listing indicates that Google plans to reveal the feature within a short time and clients will have the ability to comment on the extra content, as well.

Though, at present, you cannot add comments to the live activities in Google search result, the upcoming of this latest features will be appreciated by all in the near future. A new comment section will also be available in the profiles of Google users under the search contributions section.

The comments posted will be carefully scrutinized before it appears on the search result, as it is mandatory to ensure that the comments are approved under the Google policies. The statement released by Google also mentions that “Comments which do not adhere by the Google policy can’t be posted by the users on the search result.”

Further, the statement added that the comments would be displayed publicly with the username. This eliminates the chance of adding the comments anonymously. It also implies that one cannot write a comment without creating a Google account or without any valid login credentials.

Not to panic if you post an irrelevant comment! The feature gives you the authorization to delete or modify the comment once it gets published.

The comments left by the various users can be ‘liked’ or ‘disliked’ by other viewers.

Here’s a brief on how the comments work on Google search!

  • Visit or install/open the Google app on your smartphone
  • Do a search
  • Click the ‘More’ option placed in the overview box
  • Click on ‘Comments’ and then viewers
  • Click on the option ‘Add a public comment’
  • Enter your comment

This would be an interesting feature which would give a new dimension to the Google search. Some internet lovers believe that the new feature would enhance the opportunity for the spammers whereas another group believes that it is an initiative to bring back the lost Google + users.

So, are you excited to enhance your search experience?

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  1. It’s nice to see an article like this, that shows the author thinks outside the box! You honestly made me think! Thank You-I hadn’t considered things from that angle otherwise. Will share this…

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