Google Earth Adds the Outer Space in It’s Mobile Version

Have you ever gave a try to Google Earth? You might have seen the starry background on the desktop when you zoom out the web and pro on desktop. But you may not have been able to see it on your mobile phone. In it, you can see only the plain black background. But now Google has updated the Earth app of it. At present, you can see the starry surroundings of the mobile sets too. For sure mobiles have become stronger than before.

The European Southern Observatory has captured the images of the milky way. These images are incorporated into Google Earth. You can see them while rotating the globe. When you look at our planet from outside, you can see the stars who are miles away from the planet as well. If you are an adult who loves to see the space and explore through a screen this looks great for you.

The program software engineer Jonathan Cohen wrote “Realism is important to us. We want people using Google Earth to see our planet in context with our place in the universe”. Literally, they have taken the heaviest effort to just make the program look more realistic. They have tried their best through the possible way. We may not have to forget the addition of animated clouds in the app. Let us wait and watch what will be the next realistic approach by Google Earth.

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