Google declares that it is going to Stop Targeting Ads Based On the Browsing History of the user

Google has revealed through its Google Ads and Commerce Blog that it is going to stop online ads based on the browsing history of the user. Also, they have announced that they would stop building up of any tools which keep track of the data of specific user across products.

Google said that allowing the Internet accessible and open to every people makes it important to take up more privacy measures which means an end to third-party cookies and also of technology that tracks the individual people while browsing the web. Google also informed that people should not accept their web tracking to achieve the benefits of advertising. Also, advertisers should not track the web users to get the advantages of advertising.


In the Google Ads and Commerce blog it was mentioned that as it is getting rid of third-party cookies, it is working on the Privacy Sandbox to build out the innovations that help in protecting the anonymity of the user and also helping out publishers and advertisers. Once the third-party cookies are removed out, the company would not develop any other form of identifiers for tracking the users while browsing the web, and neither it won't use them in its products. Even if many other providers are offering the user identity for tracking ads over the web, Google said that they will not. They believe that the solutions the other providers make use of won't meet the consumer privacy expectations and neither stand up with the regulatory restrictions. So, it is not a better form of investment.

Google declared that their products would be powered by APIs which are privacy-preserving and could prevent tracking and it could deliver the best results.

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