Google closes down Play Music By December

Google announced a four-month scheduled to shut down its Play Music website. The streaming service is expected to be sponsored by YouTube Music sooner or later. It also, will lose access to the apps slowly beginning with purchase support and pre-order support now or later this month. Music streaming will turn off in September and in October. The users will have to move their content to YouTube Music until December (buys, playlists, uploads).

Google's replacement for Play Music had been on cards for some time now. But the business was uncertain when its long-running music streaming service would completely be taken off. In a recent blog post, they did share a comprehensive timeline when the site would be shut down. In it they even told that users of the measures needed to get to YouTube music.

Later this month, Google will decrease music upload/download support for Play Music via its Music Manager app. It will also deactivate purchasing and pre-order. Streaming for users in New Zealand and South Africa is planning to turn off in September. Also a global outage is expecting in October.

You can use the newly released Google Transfer Tool to move your information from the Play Music. You can even use Google Takeout to export the related content. Although the Play Music app and website will be taken off-line in October, the company states that playlists, uploads, transactions, likes, and other data are retained for YouTube Music by December after which they will not be available.

They will cancel the subscription to users who choose not to move the content to YouTube Music. Google also says it will alert certain users until it loses access to their Play Music contents. They added that they will notify usersin advance.

Although these improvements aren't always easy, Google has been very explicit about its plans for Play Music for some time. Last year, Android began pushing Android phone makers on all new Android 10 devices to preload YouTube Music. And now it looks forward to competing with one, single oriented deal against Apple Music and Spotify.

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