Google Chrome Offers New Features That Make Tabs Convenient

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Google Chrome exposes new features to help organize open tabs. The company announced that it has released "Tab Group" in the beta version of the web browser. Tabs can now be labeled and color-coded for easy access. It will be introduced to the general release from next week. To use the new features, right-click the tab and click "Add a tab to group". After that, you can move tabs to the group you created, create a new group, and give the group a name and label.

It was reported that Google had been testing and found the feature for several months before and it's released in May 2020. Google says that previous research had found that many people categorize their tabs by topics such as the project they're working on, shopping, or review sites. However, some people categorize tabs by urgency, labeling them just like "ASAP" [As Soon As Possible] “This week", "later”, etc. Google says tab groups can also be used to keep track of work progress such as "in progress",” follow up required", and "completed". If you prefer a more minimalist look, tab groups also support the use of emoji in their labels.

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An over-opening tabs is a common problem for long-time Internet users. Whether its work, schoolwork, research, online shopping, or just surfing the web, it's no different. Tabs continue to accumulate with what you need later. Of course, the tabs you put into your permanent collection can be fixed and not closed.

Despite the prevalence of the "too many tabs" problem, Google hasn't offered a solution for Chrome users. As a result, a crevice industry of tab management tools like OneTab, Workona, Toby, and much more.  On the other hand, other browsers makers have a tab management method that responds to consumer demand, making it a selling point against Chrome. Vivaldi, for example, uses automatic tab stacking to prevent tab clutter. In addition, Opera are published in February in the new version that you can be classified a tab to a variety of workspace.

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I don't think Google, who has almost complete control over the desktop, is so worried about losing its share to rivals. However, Chrome's share of the desktop browser market, which was 71.15% in August 2019, dropped to 67.15% in April 2020 due to the entry of other browsers. It may be enough motivation for Google to focus on new features to lock existing customers into the ecosystem.

The tab group function can be experienced right now with the Google Chrome beta version. It will be available for Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms when the official update is available next week. However, Google says it will gradually roll out the tab group feature to make sure it doesn't affect Chrome's stability and performance. So, if you're tired of using tag groups fast, you might want to switch to beta for now.

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