Google Assistant on Android can able to read entire pages in 42 languages

google assistant

Google unveiled a new feature in Google Assistant for users. The latest feature enables the assistant to read web articles directly from the web browser. We no longer need to read webpages ourselves, while doing something else, the assistant will read the webpages and listen.

When the users say "Hey Google, read it" or "Hey Google, Read This Page", the contents of the webpage opened will be read aloud by the Google Assistant. And the browser automatically scrolls the page and highlights them on the screen when the words are read aloud. This feature currently available for Android users.

google assistant

Users also have an option to change the Google Assistant's voice if they don't like it. It has multiple sounds currently available in Google Assistant. The user can control the speed of readings and people who read faster can increase their speed and slow readings. The company claims that "Google Assistant can read pages in natural and natural sounds. Google Assistant users will read the page using the same style and rhythm that the user usually reads aloud", the company said.

The company has revealed that Google Assistant can trigger your browser to read aloud in 42 languages. If the original content is not in the user's native language, the user can use the translation menu to select the desired language. All pages are automatically translated and read in that language. Google Assistant highlights the text that is read and automatically scrolls through the page as it reads the text and helps you keep track of where you have reached. Google has already said that it will bring this feature.

google assistant

Users can change the speed of readings by default. Users are different people. Some may prefer to read faster because of a lack of time. Others may be interested in hearing it more slowly. The speed control system will help everyone. Translate is another feature that Google Assistant has brought with it to help with reading. It allows users to translate web pages. If you have a text that is not in your language, you can automatically translate it to the desired language by entering the translation facility.

If you read text from Assistant where other people are, sometimes you may want to read specific pages that no one else has. Google provides a mechanism to opt-out of those pages. With this system, you can avoid reading pages that you don't even need, in the normal way.

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