Google and Apple Removed Fake Coronavirus Apps from Their App Stores

google and apple

Coronavirus is spreading all over the world and also fake apps that provide misinformation to the public. Google and Apple removed fake coronavirus apps from their Play Store and Apple Stores that have been providing misinformation. CNBC reported that, Apple has pulled out all fake coronavirus apps that are not from recognized health organizations or the governments.

Google Play Store search results are unavailable if anyone searches about coronavirus. These apps used public data from authentic sources such as the World Health Organization(WHO) to create a dashboard and live maps. CNBC report, “Some developers asked not to be named to avoid further complications with Apple’s review process."

google and apple

In the Apple Store, the result for COVID 19 displays a virus tracker developed by Healthlynked with WHO figures and maps charting a list of confirmed cases and Google Play declared a website called ‘Coronavirus: Stay Informed’ with suggested apps by including from CDC, Red Cross, and Twitter. Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have taken action against the spread of fake information about prevention methods for coronavirus, like drinking bleach cures infections, etc.

google and apple

Facebook converging about the spread of misinformation and critical content about Covid - 19 is also trying to connect peoples towards helpful information. Twitter officially stated, they that they have taken action against malicious behavior to secure trends, search and other common areas of the service. Facebook told it is connecting closely with leading healthcare organizations to know more about accurate information due to the coronavirus outbreak, to help people.

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