Google and Apple Asked Developers to Ban Sharing Users’ Location Data

Even if you don't know the company called X-Mode Social, you may have the code of it in your smartphone which tracks and sell your location. Google and Apple are on the mission to end this theft. The tech-giants have asked developers to eliminate the code of X-Mode from the applications, or else they will be pulled out from their app stores.

X-Mode delivers SDK( the code) that tracks the location of users and sends it to X-Mode which sells it without the knowledge of the user. As an emolument X-Mode offers a certain amount to the developer. This amount increases with the number of users the app possesses. The technology is there in over 400 applications.

Apple has given two weeks to the developers to remove SDK and google gives just a week time for it. The process is nothing new but has been seen that the data were even delivered to the US military.

Certainly, the government buys the location data from the data brokers who have collected the data from different resources, but not from those apps that collects data directly. X-Mode says that it “collects similar mobile app data as most advertising SDKs”

In short, companies like X-Mode will only get your location as you grant permission to. Yes, the app won't tell you that the location is being sent to X-Mode but in both iOS and Android they will ask permission to enable your location to grab the details about it. So before you grant permission to any of the applications in your device, think twice about whether it needs the permission to work properly.

But, indeed, you cannot skip the location permission in some apps. And hence, this movement by apple and google is highly effective to protect the data of their users.

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