Gadgets to bring a green riot in to your life

Ever wondered whether there are some gadgets that are reusable, compostable, and sustainable? Well, here are some.


HP has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to recycled materials: as early as 2016, the computer giant used scrap plastic collected by Haitians in its ink cartridges. The indisputably attractive Dragonfly series of hybrids and laptops, on the other hand, is now stealing the show in terms of sustainability.

It's latest-generation 13.3in Dragonfly G2 gets new 11th-generation Intel CPUs and 5G, but more crucially, over 80% of all mechanical elements, including the speakers and keyboard, are created from recycled materials. HP makes use of ocean-bound plastic, which isn't actually plastic taken from the water, but rather negligently dumped rubbish that was on its way there. It has pledged to use 30 percent recycled materials in all of its personal and printing goods by 2025, earning it the title of America's most responsible company of 2021, ahead of four other computer companies.


Since 2010, Sony has steadily increased the use of Sorplas, the company's own patented recycled plastic.

On the X90J, a 4K LED TV that replaces last year's praised XH90, Sorplas is employed both inside and out, but it's the greatest surface area of the rear cover that stands out... or doesn't, depending on how you watch television. When compared to prior generations, Sony claims that Sorplas has cut the amount of virgin plastic in half. It makes use of ‘external air injection' to maintain items structurally sound while still being extra-light for shipping.


Built in Brighton Gomi has built the local waste wireless charger and power bank, but now a crowdfunding effort has been launched the first portable non-recyclable garbage speaker in the world. Each example appears unique, with the marble effect being 100 plastic bags, while the 25W speaker has modular component components and has 20hr battery life on the renaissance e-bike cells.


With its reactive 300 and 400-lumen LED lights, See Sense claims you'll be seen from up to 3km away, with automated pulses at crossroads ensuring you're a flamboyant twist. They have come up with this beautiful green riot as they would plant a tree and offer discounts for each of your old light’s trade.



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