G Suit Seems Tempting for Business: Benefits G Suit Carry for Your Business

The collective of intelligent applications from Google has been known as the G Suite. Most of us are probably using some of them for different purposes. But the pandemic has made people realize how important and handy these are. G Suite makes things a whole lot easier to work together while working from home. Its editions are intending to meet the needs of individuals, big enterprises, small businesses, or schools. Let us dig into the advantages your business may attain through using G Suit.

Benefits of G Suit

  • Compatible, Popular, and Handy

 These are the great benefits of G Suit while you imply it in your business. Products like Gmail and Google docs are popular and handy that your employees might be using them already. Hence, the transition to this suit is easier, and you do not have to waste your valuable time by teaching your colleagues how to use them. 

Compared to any other email provider, G Suite has great compatibility on mobile devices. And if you already have a personal Gmail account, Google makes switching between both these accounts super easy with one click.

  • Uptime

Google is the most reliable one when it comes to uptime. While unfolding the technical details, G Suite offers a 99.9% SLA (Service Level Agreement) for covered services. G Suite also has no mandated downtime or maintenance windows, since email is such an integral part of any organization. All of their data centers are equipped with redundant infrastructure.

But they can never be up 100 % of the time, just like any operation. Therefore, for updates on all of their products, you can always bookmark the G suite status dashboard.

  • Extremely Affordable

There are other cheaper providers out there like Zoho. Your business email, however, is not one of those areas where you should try to save a buck. It can save you money down the road by having an email host that you can trust.

By converting to an annual subscription, you can also opt-in for a discounted rate. Savings up to 20 times more than the regular monthly subscription is possible through an annual subscription. The main element is that, as per your choice, you can always bill monthly even on the annual subscription.

  • Highly Secured

G Suit is highly secured as it has built upon Google Cloud Platform, which provides the highest protection on the market. Some of the world's large corporations, such as HP, Verizon, Whirlpool, and Salesforce, rely on it. As Google says, they lead with a "security-first mindset." They have industry-leading knowledge and expertise, including G Suite, that supports each one of their products.

How G Suite protects you and your data:

G Suite Admin: provides the ability for administrators to monitor how data is secured, view reports, and even manage mobile devices. Administrators of G Suite may also disallow employees from being able to allow less secure and safe applications.

Data Retention: G Suite allows you to be able to retain, archive, search, and export data.

Suite services. There seem to be no commercials for any of the G Suite products. You own data on your own.

Privacy: Google does not store, search, or use your data for advertising purposes on the G 

Transparency: To keep users updated, Google constantly supplies transparency reports.

For more details, you can check out Google Cloud's security and compliance whitepaper.

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