Free advanced features of Google Meet, G Suite is Going Away Soon

On 30th September, Google will end free access to paid features in both Google Meet and G Suite, for education and regular use. The improvements include a wealth of feature removals, first provided in April after months of free access. And, as illustrated in recent studies, the modifications span the gamut.

In terms of free account functionality, the shift that will affect most users is that of Google Meet rather than G Suite. In summary, Google is expected to eliminate access to virtual meet-ups for an indefinite time. Free versions of the app and video calling app for the web service will be restricted after September 30. More precisely, only for an hour.

It doesn't seem as if Google is adjusting boundaries for participants. Users in a meeting should always be able to have up to 100. Over the last few months, the search giant has launched a lot of new free features as well. So, this might not, after all, be too great a loss.

What changes are coming to free features in G Suite & G Suite for Education?

In terms of improvements outside of Google Meet, access to these advanced features is also pulled for G Suite and G Suite for Education. Now, on this front, there are a lot more features being eliminated, provided that this is the Business suite of software from Google.

Second, free access to meetings of up to 250 members is terminated by Google. That will reduce down to 100 participants, as with Google Meet. Live-streams on a single domain of up to 100,000 individuals are also going down. And, eventually, Google is dropping the ability to record Google Drive meetings.

Users or their organizations would need to pay $25 a month to continue using those functions. That's the cost per user.

This does not affect too many users too badly, as with the updates to Google Meet. In particular, because the characteristics were provided in response to Coronavirus and applied specifically to educational institutions. There are very few organizations that need such a comprehensive set of characteristics.

What is the alternative 

It could be time for users to find an alternate collection of resources with the incoming modifications. For example, for video chats, there is a wealth of free and affordable alternatives. And some of these are easily combined with a complete ecosystem of G Suite-like features and resources, such as Microsoft Teams. Both of which are based on the commonly used Office apps and applications from Microsoft.

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