Four legged electronics free robot

Hands off to the researchers at the University of California San Diego. They have led to the creation of a four-legged robot with no electronics to perform its work. Pressurized air is the only requirement to make its functions work. Hence developing an innovation towards a walking robot that is electronics-free. Also, it has created a breakthrough for some robotic applications like toys which cannot work without the use of electronics.

Four legged electronics free robot

Under the pneumatic circuit control, the robot works. The pneumatic circuits are less in weight and are of low cost. They include some valves and tubes on the robot. On instruction, the robots walk and also they walk on the signals being sensed from the environment. The valves performing as oscillators control how the high-pressure air enters the muscles. These muscles present in the four legs of the robot are air-powered. The air into the legs is delayed by the component coordinating the robot's gait.

The bot has mechanical type sensors. They are in the form of soft bubbles filled with fluid. As the bubbles depress, the robot reverses its direction by flipping the valve. The robot is designed in a way that it has three valves which are like inverters allowing more pressure to spread around the pneumatic circuit with delay in each inverter.

The legs of the robot have 3 degrees of freedom which is powered by three muscles that are angled 45 degrees downward. The robotic structure is connected with pneumatic cylindrical chambers having bellows. When pressure is given to the chamber, the leg bend in the reverse direction. While the other chambers of each of the legs allow multi-axis bending for walking. The valves work based upon the leg rotation between anticlockwise and clockwise.

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