Flip Phone Battle in Feb 2020- Moto Razr VS Galaxy Z Flip

The reign for the best foldable - display flip phone this month is waiting to end the battle of both Motorola Razr and Galaxy Z Flip. The phones are both in normal size and foldable to the half. Let us see how they are equipped for the battle.

These phones can be seen as the second generation foldable Smartphones. The collapsible hinge is a saver who does not let the display fold to a hard crease but a smooth loop in Moto Razr. Samsung, on the other hand, has used a novel technology, the flexible glass. Even the glass display cover can be folded as the plastic ones on other phones. And this also gives additional protection from scratches and mishaps with a more smooth and hard look.

These phones will be the cheapest foldable phones on the market. Moto Razr falls under the rate of


$ 1,499 and Galaxy Z Flip costs $ 1,380 as well. Moto Razr was launched on February 6 and as a Verizon exclusive. On the other hand, the Galaxy Z Flip launches on February 14. Galaxy Z Flip launched as an AT&T and Sprint device.

Galaxy flip will only arrive in the market this week. But this seems not so good for Motorola as the Galaxy Z flip seems cost lesser than it. when we look into the specs we can't find them equal. The Z flip looks like a flagship at the same time Razr seems to be just a mid-range phone. In the battle, therefore, Moto Razr seems to be weak.

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