Features to hide likes on Facebook and Instagram

After weeks of testing, these two social networking applications, the most popular in the world, will allow users to delete the "likes" number on other user posts, disable functionality on their posts or make no changes on Wednesday. You can opt on both platforms whether or not to hide 'likes' per post. You may turn off similar counts in the new Post Settings area. Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Facebook-owned Instagram, said that the option to cover up likes had been on the company's radar since late 2019 but had been put on hold due to the epidemic. While the hiding option didn't alter millions of users' experiences during the recent testing, Mosseri said it did become somewhat polarizing.

"Some people really liked it, and some people really didn’t," Mosseri said. "For those who liked it, it was mostly what we had hoped, which is that it depressurized the experience; for those who didn’t, they used likes to get a sense of what was trending, what was relevant in Instagram, and on Facebook, and they’re super annoyed that we took it away."

Mosseri's remarks on suppressing "likes" come as Facebook faces more criticism over its probable intentions to create an Instagram for children, and as Facebook has its annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday, the corporation continues to make lots of money for its shareholders.

Mosseri allegedly stated that ideas for a children's Instagram are still in the works. He added "I have to believe that it is better for everyone involved to give parents oversight and transparency and control into kids using Instagram than to pretend like they’re not lying about their age today,”

Mental well-being 

Following worries that using the site might be related to insecurity and poor mental health, Instagram indicated that eliminating likes had minimal influence on behavior or wellness in its tests and research.

According to a new Oxford Internet Institute study, there is a connection between social media use and teen mental health.

While posts appear with Like Counts turned on (L) and turned off (R). Despite this, Mr. Mosseri claims that Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, included the function to make users "feel good about the time they spend" on the network.

“I do think there’s more to do in this space,” he added. “The more we can give people the ability to shape Instagram and Facebook into what's good for them, the better.”

Activation- Go to Settings- new Posts section- Select Hide Like and View Counts.


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