Facing Difficulties in Installing Google Apps on your Huawei Smartphone?

If you bought a Huawei smartphone recently, you may face a problem while installing Google apps. The fight between the US and Chinese multinationals is the reason behind this error. Yes, the conflict between the Chinese company and the US government has put the users in a state of not availing of Google apps on their devices.

Last September Huawei announced the devices it owns will not be compatible with Google services in default. Even though the device had other ways to download these apps, now they are failing. Moreover, the devices that had Google installed are now unable to use them or finds difficulties in them.

Users reported problems installing Google apps on Huawei devices. Even though people had google services on the computer, the latest updation has made it impossible to install the app manually.

The pop-up shows the ‘application is not compatible with the device's CPU’. This is unseen before on Huawei mobiles with the Google services.

As per Gizchina, the Chinese media specialized in technology, google blocked the Huawei mobiles from installing their applications due to the pressure of the US government. The decision will also affect the teams that already have Google services.

Yes, it is a hard hit on the users as they cannot use their most handy Google apps. But, the problem may have a solution through the US election and once the conflict is resolved. Otherwise, it will end by finding a way to circumvent” the system to install the Google apps.

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