Facebook Unveil New Design with Dark Mode for Desktop

facebook dark mode

The new design of Facebook, which has been testing for months, has finally been officially announced. The minimalist desktop announced at the 2019 Developers Conference F8 has been rolled out in stages. In March 2020, the company added the option to try the new version. The user was able to go back and give feedback as to why they did so. And this week, the new design was officially and an option to update manually is also available.

Change is always hard, particularly with regards to redesigning a well-known site. Even with the best redesign, users still need to rewrite their brains to adapt. Simplification is also important here. This is especially demanding for platforms such as Facebook, which have added new functions one after another for various contents. Inexperience with the early releases, Facebook isn't afraid to leave a blank canvas for this "fresh and simpler" design. Content such as videos, games, and groups are prioritized.

facebook new website

The new design imitates a mobile app, achieving shorter load times and easier navigation. Again, users will need to get to it. Facebook share post, "We've grown since Facebook.com launched 16 years ago. We've built new features, optimized for new devices and operating system, and expanded to hundreds of languages. Recently we'd focused on the mobile Facebook experience, and realized our desktop site had fallen behind. People need it to keep up."

The biggest news for many is that the much-needed dark mode has arrived on the desktop version. Finally, Facebook has joined many other applications, including Twitter. You should familiar with the advantages of dark mode and its easier for eyes and easy to watch better videos viewing experience for each user (the videos are the company's highest priority these days).

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