Facebook Messenger Room - To Make Video Calls up to 50 people

Facebook Messenger Room

During this time of quarantine, video conferencing apps like Zoom or Houseparty have become a fundamental communication channel on a personal and professional level, adding millions of new users. The other companies relevant in the field of video call apps but which have not been able to capitalize on this growth in users are looking for ways to attract them by offering similar features to the mentioned competitors. Facebook Messenger Room a new platform that allows users to create video conference room-from Messenger or Facebook-and invite anyone, even if they don't have a Facebook account. These video calls will have the capacity to connect 50 peoples at the same time and with no time limit.

Facebook Messenger Room

Choose who can join your Rooms, whether it's your friends, specific people or anyone with the link or you can also lock a Room whenever you don't want someone else to enter it. Mark Zuckerberg describe about Facebook Messenger Room, " A lot of the time that I’ve spent on this over the last few weeks as we’ve been building this out and getting ready to ship has been on privacy, security, integrity reviews, and how do we make sure that a lot of the use cases that that have been problematic around Zoom are not going to be things that are replicate in our case."

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It will soon be possible to open a room from Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal. In WhatsApp, it will be possible to include up to 8 people in group calls and video. Facebook Room will be available within few countries and roll out globally within coming weeks.

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