Facebook is launching Facebook News- the news section

Facebook has launched ‘Facebook News’ a new section exclusively to share local and global news.   The social media giant has been criticized for applying charges for the news organization to share news through it.  However, the criticism has to be the reason for the birth of this new section. The updation is currently available in the US. It may take some time to reach other parts of the world.

Facebook explained that user preferences and news inventory differ by country, so it will closely work with news partners in each country to customize content. This will also help in testing methods to distribute meaningful information towards users while also respecting business models of publishers.

Want to know where it will be? However Facebook hasn’t launched a separate news desktop tab yet. Therefore first you have to open your facebook application. There is an option that resembles bookmark under the ‘more’ menu to unlock this option. The app changes it to a button or tab if you are a frequent visitor.

Facebook announced in a blog post that there are 200 news organisations on board for its News site, such as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, BuzzFeed, Bloomberg, and ABC News. According to Bloomberg's study , the company would pay its publishers anywhere from $1 million to $3 million. However, the corporation has not disclosed the names of Indian organisations willing to comply with its news initiative.

Key features of Facebook News

The key features of the latest section are listed below:

  1.  Today's news: This segment will include hand-picked reports from a team of journalists.
  2. Today's news: This segment will include hand-picked reports from a team of journalists.
  3. Topic Categories: Users can explore a variety of categories, including industry, culture , health, science and technology, and sports.
  4. Your subscriptions: Users can connect their paid news subscriptions to the Facebook account and access them through the app.
  5. Control: The user has full control over the hiding of news articles, topics and publishers.

In addition, Facebook has also added a number of other features, such as timely news digests, targeted notifications and news alerts. At the end of 2020, Facebook aims to merge the 'Today In' local news discovery on its platform. The preference will also be given to the original piece of news.

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