Facebook confirms politicians will no longer have a free pass

On Friday, Facebook confirmed that politicians, will no longer be excluded. Faced with the unprecedented political hands-up approach of the firm, global leaders now have to comply with Facebook’s content rules for all other users on their platforms, which is significant.

Facebook's vice president of global affairs, Nick Clegg, wrote "When we assess content for newsworthiness, we will not treat content posted by politicians any differently from content posted by anyone else, Instead, we will simply apply our newsworthiness balancing test in the same way to all content, measuring whether the public interest value of the content outweighs the potential risk of harm by leaving it up."

For public personalities "during times of civil unrest and ongoing violence." Facebook developed penalty standards that range from one month to two years. The corporation has to remove it continuously, and the corporation will report this to the public if it decides to maintain the post based on the newsworthiness.

Also, Facebook said that it was two years after the original date of the ban on former President Donald Trump's account was suspended. The declaration was made after Facebook's supervisory board determined that, while reiterating its decision to eliminate him following the Capitol riots, the business had to decide on the length of the ban on Trump.

Previously, the Social Media behemoth declared it will not verify or erase postings from politicians such as former President Donald Trump. The platform as the vice president of international affairs, Nick Clegg, wrote "treat speech from politicians as newsworthy content that should, as a general rule, be seen and heard."

Facebook has also announced the change since it criticized its supervisory board for imposing a "vague" penalty on Trump under the form of a ban. The external group was often referred to as the "supreme court" of Facebook and began in late 2020 to examine its contents as an independent entity of non-Facebook individuals.

It endorsed Facebook's conclusion that Trump should be removed because of the potential of violence following the US Capitol rioting of 6 January. But it said Facebook should look into the situation and create a set of standards, independent of political status, that apply to all users on its website

After the events at the Capitol on January 6th, Facebook and Twitter both attacked Trump's social media accounts. The permanent suspension and prohibition were extraordinary actions, and some people on the right instantly politicized, who stated that tech platforms were suppressing the former president.

In recent years, there has been a focus on the subject of alleged right-wing discrimination on the internet as web platforms have been pressured on both sides of the aisle to censor their material.

Some Republicans claim Twitter is a political move, citing Trump's tweets, as those in May that doubt the legality of mail-in votes in 2020. The tweets breached Twitter's policy of civic integrity.

On the other hand, some Democrats have examined social media networks in order to not sufficiently crack material and propagate misinformation and hate speech.

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