Facebook Collab – An App to Create Collaborative Music

facebook collab

Facebook Collab, the joined music-making application, allows users to record music arrangements together. With these new applications, Facebook is trying to learn from the rise of applications for video production. We can say that the NPE team of Facebook’s R&D power has been working intensely recently. The team, which recently launched the voice search application CatchUp, and the company launched a new application called Collab in its video content focus.

Collab, the joint-music making an application, allows producers to record music arrangements together. Similarly, Collab, which allows you to discover arrangements to produce a composition, draws attention with its similarity to TikTok duets. Still, there are few points where Collab diverges with TikTok. While videos shared in Collab can be used together with others by collage, you can select only those with whom you can make a duet on TikTok.

facebook collab

In addition, Collab was designed for those who want to make original music videos. In other words, unlike users who produce content using popular songs such as TikTok, Dubsmash, and Triller applications, it is aimed to produce songs in Collab. However, you don’t have to be a musician to publish content in Collab. It is also possible to make simple contributions to the songs by playing your child’s xylophone, playing tambourine if any, rhythm in the drum, or percussing the items you find at home. Musicians can include your contributions to the music and broadcast the content.

Content published in Collab can be up to 15 seconds long. In this sense, we can say that Collab is a content platform that focuses on music rather than a professional music platform. After creating the Collab video, users can share the content in the app’s stream or have the chance to remix it. However, it is not possible to remix only the music, Collab only remixes the video contents. While using the app, users can share their posts via Instagram and Facebook stories. The app, which makes use of the iOS Share Sheet, provides the content to be shared even TikTok. While Facebook does not bid directly with TikTok, it examines to draw attention from the rise of applications for video production.

facebook collab

In the meantime, it is useful to remind that there are many joint music production practices in the market. However, most of these applications appeal to music professionals or semi-professionals musicians. These applications include Soundtrap produced by BandLab, Endless, Kompoz, and Spotify. The difference of Collob in these applications is that it appeals to the general consumer who likes to be involved in music.

Voicing that they have been working on Collab for the past few months, Facebook has announced that they have stepped up their work for the benefit of quarantine users.  However, the applications are not yet available to all users. It is possible to join the application which is not yet available to all users. It is possible to join the application which is in the beta stage by invitation. Let’s add that the waiting queue for the invitation can be accessed on the application’s site. The Beta version of the application is only available to iOS users in the USA and Canada.

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