Even Idioms are Readable Through This Advanced AI Tool From IBM

IBM, with the increased demand for AI across the businesses, has come up with something new. It is an advanced solution based on AI and made under Watson. This solution is capable of reading and analyzing the complex English language including the meaning of idioms.

The technology major said this innovative version of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Project Debater can learn the challenging aspects of spoken English. Also, this enables organizations to gain greater clarity and greater insight from their data.

IBM said the new technologies represent the first commercialization of key NLP capabilities from IBM Research's Project Debater.

ibmIBM India CTO Subram Natarajan said the NLP had many limitations and was moving beyond its boundaries. For example, he says that integrating with Watson can have a profound impact on understanding emotion analysis. The sentiment behind a language.

IBM said the feature was originally designed to identify and analyze speech and speech patterns. This is not difficult because of the difficulty of finding them using algorithms. With this in mind, the company said businesses can analyze such language data using the Watson API to give businesses a more comprehensive understanding of their operations.

IBM, which debuted Project Debator last year, has developed technologies to make sophisticated data more efficient. IBM says it is gradually becoming more advanced in understanding local languages.

Analysts say advanced NLP is important for AI applications to deliver effective results for businesses.

"AI has moved from hype to reality and has cemented its importance as core in most modern-day applications and IT setups. While there are many areas where AI can add value, organizations are most keen to use AI to drive sales and customer engagement across multiple channels with the use of chatbots, private assistants, and other intelligent platforms. This is where NLP is of critical importance and acts as a building block," said Sanchit Viwith the r Gogia, chief executive, Greyhound Research.

"thumb rule for the success of any NLP project is simple - the better the ability to understand language" he added. "Project Debater by IBM was one of the first official attempts by any technology vendor in this direction, and it has come a long way since."

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