DoT Asks Telecos to Replace Caller tunes with Corona Awareness Audio

Have you made any recent calls? Hear the Coronavirus awareness? If no, is the answer, you will hear it soon. Well, I have made several calls where I could hear a man coughing and Coronavirus awareness follows it. This happened due to the Department of Telecom (DoT), through an email, ordered telecom operators to incorporate the audio clip shared by the government as caller tunes. The order on Friday included that it should not be changed until a further order takes place. One of the telecom operators said the audio clip was not made.

Corporates are trying hard and have headed into action to hook the outbreak of Coronavirus. While, Some of the tech giants have already allowed their employees to work from home. Some of them have taken away the biometric attendance system. Biometrics can be a medium to spread the virus from others, and are now using an internal app for marking it.

The famous Indian ride-sharing company Ola said in a statement "Our walk-in centers across cities have been equipped with a steady supply of health advisory material, sanitizers, and masks which can be picked up and used by the driver-partners to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness for themselves and their vehicles. This will help create a safer and cleaner ride experience for our customers as well,"

The company has made a task force consisting of members from various internal departments. This was just for continuous monitoring and support of all stakeholders.

Ola added that, "We urge customers to join us in this initiative by adhering to health guidelines including personal hygiene and seeking immediate medical attention if they have any flu-like symptoms. This will go a long way in ensuring their well-being as well as that of fellow passengers and driver-partners,"

42 people in India tested corona positive till now. The Ministry of Health created 52 laboratories to test the samples. A total of 57 labs assigned to assist in sample collection for COVID-19 to enhance the ability to detect and diagnose the disease.

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