Democrats demanded the Investigation About the Privacy of Russian App; FaceApp

FaceApp is the latest trending apps on social media in which faces in photographs can be highly realistically transformed to various filters lo look younger, older, change style and colors, or even can change gender. The app runs on both Android and iOS and is developed by a Russian company called Wireless lab. The app experience dramatic growth in the past few days but the Democrats are not on board with the fun.

The Democratic National Committee reportedly sent out an alert warning that the app has some privacy issues as it was made by Russian developers. The Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has also officially asked for the FBI and FTC to conduct a national security investigation about FaceApp. They said that the uploading of pictures in FaceApp for editing is not so safe as the app was developed in Russia.


While it is true that the app uploads pictures to its servers to apply effects, it uploads only the specific pic that is being modified and it doesn’t even access the entire photo album of the user. Yaroslav Goncharov, the CEO of the company behind FaceApp, claims that the app stores pictures only for a short time for performance purposes, and most pictures got deleted shortly afterward. The company also said that the most pictures uploaded, will be deleted from their servers within 48 hours from the upload date.

More than that, FaceApp also said in response to recent concerns about the privacy that they don’t share any user data with the third parties and the user data is not transferred to Russia even though the core R&D team is located in Russia. Anyhow, the app is going viral and many personalities including celebrities are using the app to edit and upload pictures in social media as the app’s outputs are splendid.

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