Comparing the healthcare features of Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin's latest devices 

If you prefer a watch with ECG or blood oxygen sensing or SpO2 built-in, then Apple or Fitbit, respectively, are no longer your only options. Yes, the Smartwatch manufacturers have kept up with each other's inventions.

The real benefit of gathering more data, of course, is not so much, but how well the sensors help you translate what the statistics mean for your health and what you can do to change it.

With so many latest features, these devices first were designed as smartphone extensions, with notices, app controls, and even the ability to do full-on smartphone duty for occasions when you leave the phone behind, it is easy to forget.

We may compare some new models here. They are- premium models from Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, and Garmin’s first-ever mainstream model.

Apple Watch Series 6 

The Series 6 is a delightful device that is visually indistinguishable from the presently-discontinued Series 5 when it is right-side up. Under the hood, indeed, is a more powerful zipper reaction processor, a live altimeter, and an improved biosensor suite, including the latest SpO2 for blood-oxygen content analysis. With its Heart app, Apple also has the best solution to ECG, which alerts you to take an ECG if something suspicious is detected.

The two major drawbacks of Series 6 are the lack of depth into sleep efficiency and low battery life. Quick charging helps relieve the pressure.

Series 6 is just as good on the mobile partner side as it comes. But you need an iPhone to cooperate. The series is available at a starting price of $399.

Fitbit Sense 

The Fitbit Sense is the very first premium smartwatch in three years by the fitness tracking innovator, asserting that taking your time is the correct approach sometimes. All the holes in its previous offering have been filled by Fitbit. It now has ECG and also introduced two smartwatch-industry firsts: an electrodermal operation, or EDA, tracker for gauging discomfort, and a skin temperature monitor to help detect sickness right when you feel sick.

The Meaning does have one of the most open health suites, tending more toward perspectives than sources of results. This one starts at $329. 95.

 Garmin Venu Sq 

Garmin's Venu Sq is the first mainstream smartwatch from health-focused Garmin. It's not bright and maybe it's also a bit boxy. Alerts and other smartwatch functions, even though not entertaining, are practical.

There's a rich collection of metrics under the cover, some of which presume the market price. Working out kills the battery in the body in the short term, but tends to retain energy levels in the long term. For tracks from your catalog as well as Spotify or Deezer playlists, the higher-priced Music Version adds room. The Venu Sq offers the luxury of listening to music on the track. The product might be available at the rate of starting from $199.99 or $249.99 for the music edition. 

So there are more features than what we were used to. Go and grab the one you fall for.

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