ChatableApps Releases its Hearing Support App with Deep Learning


ChatableApps has released an iOS version of their hearing aid app and the Android version will be released soon. Backed by Mark Cuban and was developed based on the research results of Dr. Andy Simpson on auditory nerve signal processing. It removes background noise in near real-time and makes one-on-one conversations can be easy to hear. According to ChatableApps, the app unlike other situations on the market will work with today’s smartphones and standard earphones. In early “pre-clinical” testing of Chatable apps, the performance of ChatableApps “universal hearing aids” was better than existing hearing aids in 86% of test participants, with performance equal to or better than traditional hearing aids.

When discussing the financing of ChattableApps in March 2020, co-founder Brendon O’Driscoll told about the company technology and approach is “completely unique” because they won’t use noise filtering and other DSP technologies. He added, “It’s actually a deep learning neural net approach to speech and noise separation that doesn’t apply filters to the original but rather it listens and re-prints a brand new audio stream in near real-time which is a mimic of just the vocal components of the original audio.”

In other words, AI of ChatableApps named “VOXimity” identifies the voice that the user wants to hear and creates a new audio track instead of the conventional approach of removing background noise by labeling unnecessary sounds and removing it. The audio track created is (more or less) the same as the original audio, but with the background sounds removed and the technique is called end-to-end neural speech synthesis.


ChatableApps CEO Giles Tongue explained to the author that he was trying to release the app as soon as possible. “During the spread of new coronavirus infection, or everyone can wear a mask and cannot read spoken words from the movement of the mouth and this app is in trouble and it was because I realized that I could fill the part where it was. Following successful pre-clinical trials, we have decided to launch immediately due to urgent demand from audiologists to help people struggling because of coronavirus. With many unable to lipread due to face masks or unable to visit a hearing clinic in an emergency, our app provides a lifeline that will help people communicate. You can place the phone next to the person talking, put in your Bluetooth buds, walk ten feet away and still be able to hear someone with perfect clarity.”

The app may also help manage social distancing as he said, “You can place the phone next to the person talking, put in your Bluetooth buds, walk ten feet away and still be able to hear someone with perfect clarity.” ChatableApps firm said, “The app is free to access, with the option to subscribe to unlock maximum voice amplification and reduction of background noise.” The monthly subscription fee is available for $12.99 per month, or $79.99 per year when paid annually.

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