Camera Go - Google's Lightweight Camera App for Budget Smartphones

camera go

Internet giant Google announces the Go version of the camera app for entry level Android Go devices. Google debuted Android Go on two years ago and designed for low-end devices. Google claims that now there are more than 100 million active smartphones with this version of the operating system worldwide. The firm built the Go version for YouTube, Gmail, and other services but the camera app was ever missing.

Camera Go is simple and clutter-free interface as designed for first time users for using smartphone. Google deliver true version for users to take beautiful photos without worrying about speed and storage. In particular, the application keeps track of how much space is left on the drive and helps clean up the space.

camera go

Arpit Midha, lead product manager of Android said, "Camera Go is deeply integrated into the phone's operating system, and is not just photo filtering on top. That’s a first in this class of devices and it democratizes photography for the entry-level."

The app allows portrait mode to generate depth-of-field effects for photos so $50 smartphones will run this feature. Google ship first Android Go device with the new Camera Go app will be in Nokia 1.3 and more Android Go edition smartphones soon.

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