Biggest Technology Trends in 2020

Technology is rapidly changing and evolving. People who don’t keep up with the trend will be signed as outdated. Also in the case of firms, it is crucial for them to change with their surroundings. Understanding the trends will help your business to stay prepared to face the challenges and grasp the important trends as well. Let us now look into the most attractive and useful technology trends in 2020.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most eminent technological developments of our time. As I highlighted in my book 'Artificial intelligence in practice', most companies have begun to explore how they can use artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience and optimize their business operations. This will continue in 2020, and although people will become more and more accustomed to working together with AI, designing and deploying our own AI-based systems will continue to be an expensive proposition for most companies.

5G Data Networks

Biggest Technology Trends-

It is something that every mobile freaks ad gamer looking up to. This generation of mobile internet connectivity will enhance the speed to 5G. 2019 brought the feature in but most of them were expensive. Also, they are available for major cities. But in 2020 the plan will be more affordable through which each one of you can enjoy the 5G network.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving

At CES 2020 several companies showed how they are working on autonomous cars and how they are trying to make it safer and efficient. The chief of Tesla Mr. Elon Musk said that he expects his team to create a truly “complete” autonomous vehicle for the year. So, this year even we can expect this brilliant technology to visible and available for open sale. But it will be expensive anyways.

Computer Vision

It is an AI technology, that lets computers identify and label images. It involves a system that can identify the place, people and objects or visual images that are collected by the sensor or a camera. This is how your smartphone camera recognizes the face while capturing your picture. Also, it is being used in convenience stores, driverless car testing, daily medical diagnostics, and monitoring the health of crops and livestock.

Extended Reality


Extended Reality (XR) is a comprehensive term that encompasses several new and emerging technologies used to create more exciting digital experiences. More specifically, this relates to virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Virtual reality (VR) provides a complete immersion in the digital world when you enter the world created by a computer using headsets that mix the real world.

Augmented Reality (AR) superimposes digital objects on the real world through screens or displays of smartphones (e.g. Snapchat filters). Mixed Reality (MR) is an AR extension that means users can interact with digital objects placed in the real world. For example, play the holographic piano that you put in your room through the AR headset.

These are going to be the biggest technology trends in 2020. Let us enjoy them together!

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