Beyond qubits... To scale up quantum computing

Next innovation in quantum technology..........Invention of a chip which could produce control signals for large number of qubits, the buiding blocks of the quantum computers. This work is from the engineers and scientists of University of Sydney and Microsoft Corporation

Prof. David Relly, the designer of the chip said “that to know about the potential of quantum computing, the machines should operate at a large number of qubits. Currently, the biggest quantum computer operates with 50 qubits. This small number is due to the limitations in the physical architecture. The new system developed by us gives an end to these limitations“

Beyond qubits to scale up quantum computing

Quantum Systems

To operate at temperatures of absolute zero, quantum systems require qubits. This is not to allow them to lose their quantum property. Instructions are necessary for the operation of the quantum systems. Which means to send and receive electronic signals to and from qubits. But the developed quantum architecture makes use of wires. Wires carry information as input and generate the control signals for qubits said Dr. Kushal Das, a partner in the invention of the chip.

Professor Reilly said that with their partnership with Microsoft they developed the architecture that removes all the bottlenecks related to the input and output. He added that they have demonstrated the architecture benefits by designing a silicon chip and coupling it with a quantum system. At deep cryogenic temperatures, the system could work. Lots of design libraries and models were built to know the transistor behavior at these temperatures. And later they built the devices, verified, and connected them to the qubits to check its operation.


Cryptography, artificial intelligence, logistics, medical, and finance sector are going to get benefits through this innovation. So, we have reached beyond qubits in quantum computing.

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