Are You a Part of Recent Facebook Hack? Confused? Here’s a Look to Know!

Have you come across the recently occurred user data breakdown suffered by Facebook? If not, this is the right place to know more. Who knows? You might be one among the user who had sustained the hack accidentally.   

In one of the original statements bought out by Facebook, approximately 50 million or more accounts were at a risk of undergoing threatening susceptibility. The higher risks are involved due to the ‘VIEW AS’ feature which will enable the users to see pages, just as a visitor can do.

This vulnerable feature will offer you an access to grab the “Access Token” of someone else’s account. And in rare cases of granting an access token to a user, they can easily login to your account without a username and a password.

Information about who was affected and what kind of information went out!

Facebook took the issue to be an intense one and decided to probe the complete matter. Now, they have come with a set of information which comprises of the details regarding who was affected to an extent and what kind of information were released through the hack.

As per an official statement released by Facebook,

The exposure process of the information existed for more than a year (approximately between July 2017 to September 2018). We detected an issue while scrutinizing the traffic hike on September 14, 2018. And there on, the investigation began.”

Sooner, the investigation also involved the assistance of FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

The studies revealed that nearly 50 million FB accounts were prone to a major risk and approximately 30 million of the ‘Access Tokens’ were filched.

Categorizing the details revealed:

  1. On the basis of the account setup, nearly 15 million users had their phone numbers and email addresses widely exposed.
  2. Around 14 million people faced the exposure of ‘username’, ‘gender’, ‘language spoken’, ‘relationship status’, ‘religion’, ‘current city’, ‘birthdate’, ‘types of devices used to access FB’, ‘education’, ‘work’, and much more.
  3. And fortunately, nearly 1 million people were lucky enough as their accounts weren’t affected in the hacking process

Steps to be taken if your FB is hacked!

Username and password are an important factor that ensures to determine the confidentiality of your account. Though your password wasn’t a part of the hacking process, make sure to add a pin to your mobile account. Do not always depend on receiving a text message (two-factor authentication) while logging into Facebook.

At times, there are chances that the data collected can give the hacker an access to your mobile phone number, resulting in the accumulation of data from all your other secured accounts.

Check if you have been receiving any spam calls, emails, or bulk of irrelevant messages.

Keep an alert on the phishing attempts which tries to email you.


The session categorized under the 14 million users is considered to be the highly affected ones. In their case, hackers can see the last 10 Facebook searches used by the users. These are the most sensitive information which the users do not want to expose.

Recently, Facebook has been sending out notifications to the affected users. They also send an alert to the users regarding what kind of their information has been leaked.

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