AR Tool - Cyril Diagne Trails Real World Copy & Paste it on PC

ar copy and paste app

Augmented Reality (AR) technology continues to process in creating something new, one of which is to copy and paste real-life into the gadgets that we use. Today, most mobile phones equipped with AR (augmented reality) technology can copy objects in the real world in real-time and paste them in files in the gadget. Looks more real, this awesome demo from developer Cyril Diagne utilizes augmented reality to be an impressive technology.

In the demo uploaded on Twitter, developer Cyril Diagne amplifies how to copy objects from the real world and paste them to digital documents. The developer gave an example by pointing the phone to the object to be copied, then the copied image was dragged and placed on the desktop containing the files.

ar copy and paste app

No more brain tweaking Photoshop to cut objects to make it look more real when paired with other files. Reporting from a social media page, this is just a research prototype, but about the Cyril Diagne video, it looks like several companies are working on the same software. I just hope that a device like this will come soon to your hands in the future.

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