Apple WWDC20 Opens on June 22, The First Online Event

apple wwdc 2020

Back in March, most tech companies to move to an online-only model to announcing tech events due to pandemic situation. Apple is one of the next major tech company to host an online event as Apple WWDC. Phil Schiller, Apple senior vice president said, “An innovative way to reach millions of developers around the world, bringing the entire developer community together with a new experience.”

Apple provided information on the website what WWDC will look like during the social distances and stay at home requirements, the Annual Developer Conference will start on June 22nd. As previously indicated, the event will consist of online sessions for iOS, iPad, and Mac developers. All developers can attend the conference for free through the Apple Developer app and Apple developer website. It's the first time Apple has held an event in this way for the last decades, despite its limited physical space. The San Jose McEnery Convention Center will, of course, be pale to be accessible from Apple's site.

apple wwdc

In a press release, Schiller once again makes a positive statement about introducing a new method in an uncertain era. "WWDC20 will be our biggest yet, bringing together our global developer community of more than 23 million in an unprecedented way for a week in June to learn about the future of Apple platforms. We can't wait to meet online in June with the global developer community and share with them all of the new tools we've been working on to help them create even more incredible apps and service. We look forward to sharing more details about WWDC20 with everyone as we get closer to this exciting event."

apple wwdc 2020

Details will be revealed half a month before the event begins. Apple will also be hosting the Swift Student Challenge, which will bring top talent to the WWDC novelty until May 16th. There may be some glitches even for large corporations like Apple, as well as many other events that have been rebalanced for the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). Even so, it's interesting to see if the online-first conference will become normal rather than special after the threat of the new Corona subsides.

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